Extrinsic Roofing Designs:

Designing your roof along with the house has become a new trend among many people. It may be hard for people to find modern roofing types and designing services. SRJ Roofing offers shingle roofing, flat roofing, and metal roofing with years of expertise working in this field.

Shingle Roofing:

Get a simple roofing design and give a traditional look to improve the exterior of your home. Give an alluring look within your budget affordability. Shingle roofing is very light and inexpensive to produce. There are many types of shingle roofing you can find according to the suitability of your home. Approximately 18 different types of roof shingles are present. The three most popular roofing shingles are explained in detail.

Solar Shingles:

Solar shingles are the most popular and trending for modern houses. It is more expensive than other shingles. It not only protects the roof but supplies electrical power to the house. It is fitted on the roof as small shingles and does not cover all the previous worn-out roofs so other roofing designs may be added, under the solar shingles. Solar shingles are fitted on the south of the house to get the maximum heat energy and power from the sun. It can work for up to 20 years with efficiency.

Metal Roofing Shingles:

Metal shingles are the trendiest shingle roofing for building new houses. It gives an elegant look and high protection to homes from harsh weather. Moreover, it is light weighted and budget-friendly. It has the highest durability and can last up to 80 to 100 years. Many different metals are used in metal shingling which includes Aluminum, Copper, Tin, Zinc, and Steel Roofing.

Wood Roofs Shingles:

Wood roofing is provided by many different types of woods. This includes two styles: wood shingles and wood shakes. Wood shakes are made by using a saw and have rough edges to give a natural woody look whereas the wood shingles are made into perfect shapes with symmetry to give out a neat and classic look to your home. Its average span of life is from 20 to 50 years. It is much more economical than other shingle roofing.

Flat Roofing:

Flat roofing offers stability and durability for a long time. Flat roof designs and maintenance are easy to handle compared to shingle roofing. Rainy weather has little damage on them. It consists of an underlying and top coating that protects the underneath of the surface. There are also many varieties in flat roofing. You can select the best one for your roof.

Single Layer Membrane Roof:

In Commercial construction, this is the latest technique for building roofs. It is also known as an elastomeric roof membrane. It includes a variety of different coatings like Neoprene, Chlorinated polyethylene, and chlorosulfonated polyethylene sheets, and much more. The most popular coating among them is an EPDM rubber roof with a single layer. EPDM is the most flexible coating and can handle temperature changes better than other roofs. The rubber roofs can be installed in many ways according to demand. They can be loosely attached or can be fixed with adhesives.

Modified Bitumen Roofing:

It is the replacement technique of BUR. It has polymer or cap sheets to improve its flexibility and elasticity in lower temperatures. It can be installed by four methods that are hot-applied, torch-applied, cold-applied, or it can be Self-adhered.

Built-Up Roofing:

It contains finely crushed stones granules that are applied on the top layer to protect the house from severe heat and rain. After creating a monolithic roof, it is covered with multiple layers to make it into a thick membrane. It is noise-proof and reduces the outside noises in the house.

Metal Roofing:

The trendiest option among roofing services. Renew your roof and say goodbye to the hassle of maintaining it. Keep your home protected from severe weather. It has less weight than conventional roofing systems. Get a non-combustible and fire-resistant roof to protect your family. You can also find three types of metal roofing and can choose the best one for your home.

R-Panel Types of Metal Roofing:

R-panel can be installed on an old roof. It takes the shortest time for installation and is extremely durable in harsh weather. It is fire-resistant and can tolerate bad windy weather.

Corrugated Metal Roofing:

This type of metal roofing can be found in stainless steel and aluminum. It is the best option for commercial buildings to give an elegant style. Its popularity has increased very much in residential homes over the past years. It is the best metal roof for residential homes because it gives protection from weather and roof corrosion.

Standing Seam Metal Roofing:

Standing seam metal roofing includes two types, architectural and structural roofing. For steep-sloped roofing, architectural metal roofing may be the best. Structural roofings are used in high windy areas to protect the home from resistance to the wind.