What is Roof Metal?

A metal roof is made of large sheets of metal, with the most commonly consisting being copper, steel, aluminum and tin, . A metal roof may have a more upfront cost, but it boasts some long-term benefits to justify the price tag.

The interlocking seam design of flat seam metal roofing connects using fasteners. Because it has a reputation for being among the greatest metal roofing solutions available, it is more expensive to produce and install.

Although less aesthetically beautiful than flat seam metal roofing, corrugated metals including corrugated steel, aluminum, tin, and composite metals are just as durable.

What are Asphalt Shingles?

asphalt_shingles _roofing

Asphalt shingles are available in rolls, sheets, or stacks and are made of smooth asphalt on top of a fiberglass foundation. They are screwed straight into the underlayment of a roof and covered in ceramic granules for texture.

The most affordable roofing solution is an asphalt shingle roof, which is also the simplest for do-it-yourself roofers to install.

Finish Options: A Variety of Both Types

To fit your choices for curb appeal, metal roofs and asphalt shingles are offered in a variety of forms and finishes.

Metal roofing systems are often painted, especially as metal roofs come in a wider variety of colors than any other kind of roof. Metal roofing can also resemble real stone.

There are several shingle kinds for asphalt systems, some of which imitate materials like wood or slate. Particularly well-liked are architectural shingles, which give a roof a three-dimensional appearance.

Metal Roofs vs. Asphalt Shingles: Key Differences


Taking the big picture into consideration is crucial when comparing metal roofs against asphalt shingles. Homeowners choose their preferred material based on a few significant differences between them. Although it is the most expensive and challenging to install, metal roofing is the most durable type. Although simpler to install and more reasonably priced, shingles have a shorter lifespan. Given the stark differences in appearance between these materials, it’s critical to consider how your home will appear overall. There’s a chance that you like one style over another.

Durable and long-lastingEasy to install and repair
Higher costBudget-friendly
Difficult to repair and replaceWidely available
Often made from recycled materialProne to mold and mildew